Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Seduced by a Busy Life

Seduced by a Busy Life

May 10, 2011

By Hal Donaldson

If believers were surveyed to determine what factors hinder their spiritual growth, ³falling to temptation² would be near the top of the list. But one detriment, in particular, is often underestimated: a busy life.

Our calendars are filled with obligation and activity: Little League games, yard work, PTA meetings, business luncheons, family gatherings, church functions and more.

If we don¹t take precautions, the frenzied pace can take a toll on our spiritual lives. Exhaustion sets in, our stress level rises, and we find ourselves more inclined to load a DVD than to reach for a Bible.

Steps must be taken to ensure that a busy life does not lure us away from the disciplines that provide strength for the journey: prayer, Bible reading, church participation, and outreach.

The pace of 21st-century life requires we embrace a new level of spiritual discipline. We must guard ourselves from running so fast that we ultimately lose spiritual momentum and power.

A busy life in itself is not a sin. As it says in 2 Thessalonians 3:11, we were created to be purposefully busy. Unfortunately, if we don¹t spend our time wisely we can become ³busybodies.²

If you tend to run at warp speed, here are some steps you can take to maximize your time and keep spiritual disciplines a vital part of your life:

1. Honor the Sabbath (Exodus 20:8).

2. Arrive at work 10 minutes early to read a chapter from God¹s Word.

3. Pray in the shower.

4. Commit yourself to projects/activities one year at a time.

5. Ask your spouse or friend to hold you accountable for how you use your leisure time.

6. Take a short prayer walk each evening.

7. Designate at least 10 percent of your income and leisure time to your local church.