Saturday, June 25, 2011

Falling in love - advice needed!

Well it has been almost two months now since I was saved.  There is someone from church who I am slowly but surely starting to fall in love with.  I don't quite know what it is about him, God knows he's not really my type, plus he's about ten years older.  From the moment I saw him I felt something, idk what but it was something and now every time I see him this feeling just grows.  He usually makes his way to me to say hi and give me a hug.  I've been getting some mixed signals, sometimes it seems like he is interested and other times it's like he doesn't even notice me.  I really don't know what to do.  I want so badly to just get to know him, to start something with him, even if it is just a friendship but idk how to approach him.  I am so bloody shy and get all tongue-tied when I am around him.  It sucks because I have no idea how he feels or if he even feels anything at all, and I have to keep this quiet because I don't want everyone at church knowing my business, especially since he is the older brother of one of my friends - how do I tell her I'm falling for her brother??? I really don't know what to do, can anyone out there give me some advice??